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cop carsThe term “Crime Awareness” is defined exactly as it sounds.  I define it simply as: Ones ability to be aware of the existence of crime. This definition in itself means that crime exists and crime exists everywhere (and you are aware of its existence). The importance of this is that without taking the proper precautions to deter crime, we are all potential victims. We are all potential victims to what crimes could be committed against us if we do not educate ourselves in safety and crime prevention. The benefits to educating ourselves in safety and crime prevention are that we allow ourselves to protect our family and friends as well as teach them how to protect themselves in the process.

“What are we protecting ourselves from?” The answer to this question should be obvious, but help is out there imagefor those who may be oblivious to the great number of crimes that are out there, unfortunately there are criminals who seek to commit crimes against you, your loved ones and/or your property (When I say this I am thinking of young adults who may not have experienced having themselves or their property violated before, and are possibly branching out on their own for the first time.). The crimes we want to protect ourselves against are Robbery, Burglary, being Sexually Assaulted/Raped, having our Identities stolen resulting in our credit being ruined, Car Theft as well as simple unwanted contacts with suspicious people.

man in cuffs imageIn my studies of criminology, although I have searched relentlessly, I have been unable to locate one source that could verifiably give a reason crimes are committed. When I say this, I don’t mean a reason why one guy or one girl did what he/she may have done, but a real definition of why crime exists. This question has puzzled criminologist since the beginning of the study of criminology. That is why on this quest I am only out to tell you, the reader, what you can do to deter a criminal from choosing to violate you, your loved ones and your property.

it pays to fight crime imageIf you have read my bio in the “About Me” section of this website than you already understand why I am qualified to advise you in the matter of protecting everything you hold dear to your heart.  Now, with that said I invite you to explore each section of this website and I hope that you are able to gain confidence that you, your loved ones and your property are safe and secure as you apply some or all of the methods I have provided.