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police vehiclesMission Statement

“I am not targeting one city, one state or even one country for that matter. The information I am providing can be used regardless of where you reside. Crime is universal. It always has been and always will be!”

The purpose of this website is to address the frequently asked question: “How do I feel safe?” Let’s face it; there are a number of people, places and things that we all consider when we think of safety and protection. However, we consider this question to be a global issue. Therefore, this website will not focus on one city, one state or one country. Instead we will focus on these issues from a global standpoint. It is possible to keep yourself safe! Mission Possible logoOur purpose and goals with creating this site are to provide each visitor with a simple set of rules to live by when trying to keep themselves safe and protect their family as well as property. It is our hope that the information provided on this site will alert our readers to the dangers that exist in our world as well as enlighten our readers to the ways they can avoid falling victim to some crimes.

Over the years I have attended many community meetings and I am happy to say that most of them have been by choice. What I have learned from those meetings is that the community wants answers, but not the answers that might come to mind when you think about being questioned by the community. Community meeting imageIn the beginning I always expected the citizens to ask me questions like, “Why are the police not stopping the crime?” or “What are the police doing to stop the violence?” as well as many other questions that we normally see irate citizens ask in movies where the communities are angry with the police. Although questions like this do come up and citizens have been known to yell at us, like the movies, these are not the most common questions asked of me when I attend community meetings. The most popular questions are, “What can I do to protect my home?”, “What can I do to protect my family?”, “How do I know if I’m being followed?” and so on. Most citizens are concerned with how they can help to prevent becoming victims of a crime. This also includes how they can better teach their children how to not be victims as they grow up and move out on their own.

This is why I have created this website. I feel that citizens need to have a place where they can go to receive the answers they are looking for.image, pen and paper And if necessary, this is a place where they can refer their growing young adults for quick references to safety as they move out and embark on their new lives of owning property and having families of their own to protect. My goal in creating this website is to present you with information regarding various crimes committed against people and their property and informing you, the citizen, how to protect yourself offensively before becoming a victim. Throughout my many pages you will constantly see me referring to citizens not becoming a victim of habit but instead learning to be a survivor due to the element of surprise and the openness to change.

As I stated at the top of this page, I am not targeting one city, one state or even one country for that matter. The information I am providing can be used regardless of where you reside. community meeting pic random forceRemember, the Modus Operandi, the way a crime is committed, does not change much. Every now and then a criminal may get creative and do something unheard of, but it is not a common practice. The main ingredient of change where crimes are committed is not the crime itself; it’s the criminals who change as we recycle them between jail and freedom. As this site will teach you, once you know how criminals operate, all you need do now is adapt and overcome. A little knowledge will take you a long way and along that way you will feel better knowing that you and your family are more alert to the dangers that are out there and are capable of steering clear of those dangers by following some of the simple rules that are listed in this site. My hope is that you find answers to many of your questions during your visit and you take away the knowledge that you can feel more confident in protecting the things that are most important in your life.