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Sex Offenders

sex offender posterFirst and foremost, in the discussion of sex offenders, my intentions here are to only give a brief summary of what a sex offender is; where sex offenders are found and what your options are in identifying the sex offenders living near you. However, I will discuss sex offenders more in debt on another site that I will be creating soon. This site should be online sometime in mid 2011. There, I will dig deep into the mind of sex offenders and much more. What I will do here is provide you with numerous options if you want to gather information about sex offenders on your own to get a better understanding of how to combat their presence. Those links are listed at the bottom of this page along with a link to the national sex offender database where you can find out how many registered sex offenders live inside of your zip code.

sex offenders1Sex offenders are all around us. We pass them every day in the supermarkets, in the park, at the mall and sometimes unknowingly as we walk down the very streets we live on. Here’s the most generic definition I can provide in my effort to describe a sex offender. A sex offender is a person who has been charged, or convicted for his or her involvement in sex related crimes including molestation, rape, harassment, dealing in pornographic materials etc. If you’ve noticed, I have included males and females in my definition of sex offenders. The reason for this is because even though the percentage of female sex offenders is substantially lower than male sex offenders, we must never forget that they do exist. This way in your attempt to protect yourself and your family from sexual predators, you will keep in mind the potential threats do not only lie with males. Also, sex offender’s ages vary. Usually, we hear about the over 18 year old sex offenders more because juvenile records have been blocked from earlier databases. But, juvenile sex offenders do exist. Besides, a grown sex offender had to get his/her start somewhere. This is not a trait that happens overnight.

registered sex offender lives nearHere’s a statistic for you to remember. It has been said that 1 in 5 girls and 1 in 7 boys will be sexually abused before reaching the age of 18. This number actually varies in different studies and unfortunately they don’t get better. But, for now let’s just say that, using the statistic I’ve provided, there are 10 girls living in your neighborhood. By the above mentioned statistic at least 2 of the girls in your neighborhood has a chance of being sexually abused by age 18. That is an alarming number right? In my opinion, 1 child is alarming enough. We have to be more aware of sex offenders living near us and we have to learn to recognize at least some of the methods sex offenders use to gain the trust of their victims. Just remember, sex offenders are out there, they are in our neighborhoods, on the internet, in public places and some are in jail waiting the day they return to society to prey on innocent victim again. If you have an interest in a more in debt insight into sex offenders, I will provide just that at the soon to be created site I mentioned before. For now, I have provided you with some temporary resources if you are need to gather information immediately. Those links are below.

sex offender map