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“For the purpose of this website, my experience will hopefully guide you to new directions in preventing crimes from happening to you. In the event that you fall victim to one of the crimes I mention on this website, I will provide you with solutions to getting help and the general knowledge as to how to best report what you are experiencing.”

(A brief biography)

I just want to take a moment to give you a brief About us blocks stacked imagesummary of why I am qualified to distribute the information contained in this website.

First and foremost, I am currently a certified Police Officer and I have been working in the field of Law Enforcement for more than a decade. I have experience in dealing with police capmany forms of crimes. Those crimes consist of but are not limited to Domestic Violence, Burglary, Robbery, Car Theft, Rape and Narcotics. My years of experience are a combination of Uniformed Police Officer and Police Detective. From this perspective I have been able to handle both sides of my trade and this has made me wise over the years as to how to best get things done when dealing with crimes.

To tell you a really brief summary of my life, I will say this: When I was growing up I was surrounded by gang violence and of course where there’s gang violence, drugs are not far behind. Along with drugs in a community, almost every crime ever committed lurks amongst the drug dealers and drug users. That being said, I’ve walked those illustrated uniform imagestreets and saw those people on a daily basis. Lucky for me, I was able to keep busy with sports and other hobbies which eventually landed me in the Military, but not before I obtained my first law Enforcement experience as a Corrections Officer. Between the information I’ve obtained by way of the neighborhood I grew up in and from convicted criminals through general conversation while I was working, the Modus operandi  used by criminals over and over have been unknowingly taught to me. This alone qualifies me to tell you how to protect yourself from becoming a victim, but if you need just a little bit more please read on.

As I stated above, one of my experiences has been in the field of Narcotics. I mention this because it is one of the most universal fields one can get involved in. During my period as a Narcotics Detective I was given the opportunity to conduct my job from an undercover perspective. protect and serve imageThis means that I worked with a great deal of criminals who were attempting to reform themselves. They are more commonly known as Confidential Informants. What makes this so intriguing is that working in this nature I was able to gather a great deal of information from each and every Confidential Informant I worked with. This would add to what I already know about crimes and how they are committed. These Confidential Informants and the crimes they committed varied so much that any good Detective would not be able to pass on asking questions. Well I did just that and the information that I obtained was priceless.  I now use those same skills I once learned to gather intelligence which I will share on his website.

handcuff imageI am also an avid reader of criminology and normally before I speak I obtain knowledge on the subject matter, which I did before creating this website. Therefore, not only will you receive my personal facts and opinions from what I have learned throughout my life and career, I will also share facts from other known sources to support my statements.